The PTA is planning a used uniform buy back at Skate night on November 13th.  However, we are in need of both boys and girls sizes 14 – 16 clothing before then.  We are trying to help out some families that are in need of this size.  If you have boys or girls size 14 – 16 uniform clothes that you are able to sell back to the PTA, please contact us at crescentheightspta@gmail.com and we can arrange to meet up with you to purchase those used uniforms from you.

We are posting the uniform policy here again as a reminder.  We still have some students that aren’t coming to school in the full uniform requirements.

The PTA has used uniforms for sale, but we are also happy to donate uniforms to any family that is in need.  Please, reach out to us at crescentheightspta@gmail.com if you are in need and we will do our best to accommodate you at any time.  We are here to support you!

Thank you!

Uniform Policy:  

Jeans are not a part of the Crescent Heights Uniform policy.  Jeans may only be worn on uniform optional days, which are the last Friday of every month ONLY.  There may be other optional uniform days, which will be communicated by your child’s teacher and via Husky Connection.  Khaki or Navy pants are the required uniform on all other days.  Here is a copy of the Crescent Heights Uniform Policy.