Apex Update – Thursday, Nov 10

Good evening families!
We are making slow and steady progress to our goal of $3.00 per lap, per student!  Last night we were at .18c per lap, and we are now up to .45c per lap!  thermometer

We know it has been a busy and stressful week for lots of moms and dads out there.  We hope that you will take advantage of the long weekend to connect with family and friends and ask for those family and friends to support your child in this fundraiser!  Your family can donate at www.apexfunrun.com (don’t forget to enter in your child’s access code!)

The lessons for the past couple of days were “Engage” and “Give”.   If all of our students stay “Engaged” and keep their eye on the prize, we will get there!  “Give” included the three T’s:  Time, Talent and Treasure.  We can all give of our Time, Talents and Treasure.

Have a great weekend everybody, and a special thanks to all of our Veterans for your service!

engage  give