Apex Update- Tuesday, Nov 15th

Good evening parents!

Here is tonight’s Apex Update – we are now up to $.90c per lap.  We’re just under 1/3 of the way there…with just a couple of days to go.  We are hoping to see a lot of activity tonight with lots of pledges coming in!  The reason we have the $3.00 per lap, per child goal, os so that we don’t have to do a second fundraiser in the spring.  Will you help us get to our goal, and help us to only do one fundraiser?

Today’s lesson was “Never Quit!”  Please don’t quit your efforts to help Crescent Heights be the BEST school that we can be!

Donate now at www.apexfunrun.com and enter your student’s access code in the upper right hand corner!  Or just write a check to the PTA and we will count it towards this fundraiser!

WE NEED, and APPRECIATE, your support!!