Box Tops Winners Announced – Keep clipping…

During the month of September, Crescent Heights families raised a total of $230 worth of Box Tops! 

WINNERS FOR SEPTEMBER:  Our individual contributor contest was won by third-grader Ava Haugen-Fengler (who brought in 189 Box Tops) and kindergartener Jackson Hitchcock (who brought in 132).  Congratulations to our winners!

SCHOOL YEAR GOAL:  We are making great progress towards our goal of $1,000 and will continue to collect Box Tops throughout the year.

NEXT COLLECTION DEADLINE:  October 15th.  Contests will now be held on a monthly basis to see which classroom can bring in the most Box Tops!  Please keep sending them!

SPECIAL THANK YOU:  to Kim Gilman who is in charge of Box Tops this year.  She is doing an outstanding job!!!!

Families can further help the school by downloading and using the Box Tops Bonus App.  There are 20 Bonus Box Tops available on the App right now.  For more information on the App as well as collection sheets, coupons, and sweepstakes entries, go to  

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