Can you give up your Starbucks run today?

A grande Latte and a pastry from Starbucks will easily set you back $10 dollars.  Or maybe you were planning to go out to lunch today – a decent restaurant lunch will be $12-$15.00.

Are you willing to give up a Starbucks run, or a lunch out today?

If you are, and are willing to put that $12.00 towards our Dance-A-Thon today, we’ll be DONE!  We will hit our goal of $20,000!  And we WON’T have to do another fundraiser in the spring.

The art on the walls.  The reading program that your family is participating in right now.  The field trip busing.  The scholarships for students so that EVERY child gets to go on every field trip.  The supplemental funds that are given to your child’s teacher for classroom supplies.  The ceramic gifts that your child gives you throughout the year.  The school carnival at the end of the year.  ALL of these things are paid for by PTA dollars.

We are SO close.  We are at $14,200 this morning.  We are 71% there!!  Can YOU help us hit the finish line??  Have you been waiting to donate; maybe you couldn’t afford the $100 goal per child?  Today is YOUR day.  Today is OUR day.  Today is YOUR CHILD’s day.  Because these dollars that are brought in benefit EVERY child!  Not just the ones that have exceeded their $100 goal.  They benefit EVERYONE!!

We need just $12 today.  From YOU.  From the CHE family up the street.  From your child’s classmate.  From every child – and we’ll BE THERE!  And won’t that feel great?!  To know that you are DONE fundraising for our general fund for the year?

Skip the Starbucks line today.  Brew a cup of coffee at home.  Brown bag it.  Make the choice and support your child’s school today!  We will be collecting donations this morning.  We hope to see an envelope from EVERY child today!