CHE Marathon Updates – Please Read

CHE Families,
The PTA marathon is almost at the halfway point.  We have about 350 students participating, from all grade levels!  It’s off to a great start, but we are in serious need of ongoing support.

– Marathon cannot be pulled off alone by one adult.  We have had a few Marathon days with only one volunteer.  This not only slows down the runners, but causes a safety risk down on the track.  Most days & shifts, we only have one volunteer.  Without additional volunteers, this program will be unable to continue.    Please sign up to help here!

– Please be sure kids are wearing appropriate shoes for running.  Tennis shoes are best!  No slip-ons please.
– Due to recent weather, the track often has standing water and mud on it.  Please remind your child to stay out of the water and mud.  Any child found to be playing in the water or mud will be sent back up to the playground and lose their laps for the day.
– We recommend that they wear their darker colored uniforms on Marathon day so that any water or mud splatter does not ruin their clothing.

Finally – be sure to turn in your “Outside of school” running logs.  We can take the official log, or a note from the parent.  You need to indicate your child’s name, grade and teacher as well as the number of miles completed.  Students may not fill out their own forms.

We understand that daytime volunteering can be difficult, but please, consider just an hour once a week to help out this great event.  It keeps our kids active and healthy!

Questions?  Please contact Morgan Meyers at