CHE Theatrical Production – We need your help!!

Our Crescent Heights, One Book program is back for our 4th year at Crescent Heights!  In support of our book selection for this year, we will once again be producing an original theatrical production!  An event of this magnitude needs many helping hands.  Before you disregard this request and think “I’m not theatrical” or “Someone else will help out”….please take a look at our list of needs because it’s very likely YOU have just the skill set we are looking for!

The time frame is from now through February 23rd.  All sets, costumes, backdrops, etc. need to be completed and ready to go by Feb 23rd so that we can use them for full dress rehearsals the week of Feb 26th.  Our play production will be presented the evening of March 1st.

Auditions:  We are looking for 2 parents to help with play auditions this Thursday, January 11th after school.  You’ll just be making notes about each actor such as:  “Good facial expressions!”  “Nice energy!”  “Good vocal projections”.  No experience is necessary.  Need:  2 people from 3:30 – 5:30 (or until all children have auditioned)

Props:  A theater production needs props!  Can you help us find/purchase/create the props that we need?  Need:  1 – 2 people

Sets:  We are going to need a bit of help with set design.  Do you own a saw (and know how to use it?) Good with a hammer?  This could be a great weekend job for you!  Need:  2 – 3 people

Backdrops:  If you are handy with a paint brush and can help us paint the backdrops for a couple of key scenes in the play, we need you!!  Need:  2- 3 people

Costuming:  Most of the costumes will be easily pulled together from the actor’s closets.  But there may be a few items we’ll need help compiling!  Need:  1 person

Lighting:  Do you run your sound board or lighting board at your church?  Have a knack for electronics?  We will need some help sourcing equipment rentals, and some assistance the day before the play and during the productions, simply setting up the stationery lights and helping to make sure all of the wireless mics are working properly.   Need: 1 person

Stage Hands:  Would you like to help out during the performance backstage helping to get the actors into place, swapping out sets mid-performance and pulling curtains open and closed?  Need:  2 people

This is legitimately a program that the board cannot do on our own.  We sincerely need help to pull off this production.  Many thanks to Aaron Carpenter who is writing the original script for this play.  Won’t you consider being a part of our team to help with our second play production?

Please respond to to let us know how YOU can help out.  With many hands, this can be a manageable project for all of us.  THANK YOU!

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