Dance-A-Thon update – Thursday evening!

Good Evening families!

Today was another great collection day for our Dance-A-Thon!  We are now up to $12,484.53 in donations!!  We are 62% of the way to our goal of $20,000!  Amazing work this week!

We have had 54 kids raise $100 or more for the Dance-A-Thon!  Another 25 or so are at least halfway to the $100 goal.  Keep up the great work, kids!

Here are the class updates:
Top K-1 Class:  Mrs. Sharp’s class is in the lead with $750 in donations!
Top 2-3 Class:  Mrs. Pernell is still in the lead with $820 in donations!
Top 4-5 Class:  Mr. Thomas’ class has taken over the top spot with $826 in donations (barely beating out Mrs. Pernell for the top class in the school!)

Here is our top student leaderboard:
Top K-1 Student:  Tatum Halstead is still hanging on to her lead of $490…but Zoe Delzer is hoping to take over…she’s up to $430 in donations!
Top 2-3 Student:  Rowen Miles remains at the top of the 2-3 leaderboard with $430 in donations!
Top 4-5 Student:  Ariana Blackford showed ’em all how it was done today with $420 in donations today ALONE!  Woo hoo!!

Tomorrow morning at Drop-Off and Pick-up we will continue our coin drive!  The weather is supposed to be much better than on Wednesday (where we collected more rain than money!)  🙁  The teachers won the Dance-Off on Wednesday, with the teachers collecting $21.56 compared to the Safety Patrol’s $7.38  (sad trombone!)  Let’s pick it back up for tomorrow!

Keep those donations coming in….remember we have extended the fundraiser through next Friday, October 16th.   This means we all have ONE MORE WEEK to get us the last $7500 that we need.  We have FULL CONFIDENCE in our Huskies!  Show your PRIDE!  Show your DETERMINATION!  WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

Have a great evening everybody!!  YOU ROCK!!