Dance-A-Thon updates – and volunteer help is needed!

Good afternoon parents!

Our biggest fundraiser is underway and the PTA needs your support. All parents want to know exactly where their money is going. Our goal is to raise $20,000. Where do we spend your money? Field trip busing, arts programs, teacher grants, scholarship funding and more!

FACT #1 – All parents want fundraising to be FAST & EASY!

FACT #2 – The PTA has to have your support to meet our budget and provide amazing support for our students!

FACT #3 – We want our students to have the best school year ever! It can’t happen without your support!

  • Currently, we’re at $3161! We’re 16% to goal!!
  • Only 75 out of 467 students have participated with a donation!
  • Only 64 out of 467 students have registered on our pledge website,!
  • We’re striving for 100% participation with any pledge amount and 100% registration!


A few tips for you:
We LOVE the cash & check donations your students are bringing in.  We keep 100% of those donations!  However – please pre-register your child on before they bring in their donation.  If they are already in the system, it greatly speeds up the time they spend at the donation table.

Registration is QUICK and EASY.  Simply go to and create a profile for your child.  You can add a profile picture if you like, but the basics we need are Grade, Teacher, and Child’s name.  Registering on the site allows you to track your child’s progress and also pull donor receipts for your donation.

WE NEED HELP THIS WEEK!  Assistance is needed in the mornings for money collection from the kids!  We especially need help Tuesday – Friday.  This job only takes about an hour – if you have time after you drop the kids off, or are volunteering in your child’s classroom this week, won’t you consider helping us out?  Only requirement is that you are a PTA member.  (We can sign you up if you aren’t already!)     Please sign up here!!

Thank you!  Let’s keep up the great work!

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