Dance-A-Thon updates

Good evening Husky families!

WOW!  What an amazing 2 days it has been.  Since our last update, our families have brought in an additional $4,000 dollars!!  Our total as of this evening is $9,655.65.  We are almost HALF WAY to our goal of $20,000!  (Sorry this update is so late….we’ve been watching our online donations like a HAWK tonight hoping that we’d hit that 10k mark!)

Our next collection day is tomorrow; please keep those donations coming in with your children in an envelope with their first & last name and their teacher’s name on it!  This helps us easily track the donations and give the right child credit.  They are earning 1 raffle ticket for each $10 they bring in!  We have already given out some great prizes, including Family Fun Center passes, a super cool Halo Mega Blox building kit, EMP tickets, ice cream, movie passes and more!  There are a bunch more prizes to be won, so send in those donations!

Here are the leaderboard updates for this evening:
Top Class K/1:  Mrs. Rice’s Class with $735.00 in donations!
Top Class 2/3:  Mrs. Pernell’s Class with $820.00 in donations!
Top Class 4/5:  Mrs. Bleckert’s Class is beating out Mr. Clapp’s class by just $45.00 – They have gathered $600.00 in donations!

Top Student K/1:  Tatum Halstead is still in the lead with $490 in donations!
Top Student 2/3:  Rowen Miles with $430.00 in donations!
Top Student 4/5:  Kaya Thompson with $220 in donations!

Our student participation rate is up slightly to 25% of students!  We’d love to see the other 75% of you join in!  Keep thinking about the 10 for 10 strategy we talked about….ask 10 friends or family members to give $10 each and you will meet your $100 goal!

Three important notes:

  • Because of the amazing response over the last few days, (and because we are still short of our goal), we are extending the donation deadline for Dance-A-Thon to Friday, Oct 16th.  This is the day we will actually be dancing and celebrating all of our hard work.  So please, use this extra week to stretch for those few extra dollars.   We need just $20 from each child at this point to hit our goal!  WE CAN DO IT!!
  • Does your employer match charitable donations?  We have many parents that work for organizations that offer an employee match for any charitable donation.  Ask your employer if they do!  We are happy to provide any tax documentation that is required to secure this FREE money!
  • As mentioned above, our online giving tool is a GREAT way for your out of town family and friends to support your child’s Dance-A-Thon efforts.  It’s quick and easy!  Just visit to donate safely and securely.Again, the PTA would like to thank ALL of you for working so hard to support us and the children of Crescent Heights.  It doesn’t seem likely that we are going to hit the $25,000 and $35,000 goals for discounted spirit wear and yearbooks, but that’s OK!  We will offer those up for sale later this year.  But – if we can keep it up and raise the remaining $10,000, we won’t have to have a general fundraiser this year.  Doesn’t that sound great!?

Come on Huskies!  Show your PRIDE!  We’ll see you tomorrow morning — and you’ll all be getting a special prize tomorrow as we pass that $10,000 threshold.

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