Free Dress Day tomorrow (Friday) for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Tomorrow (Friday) is free dress day in honor of teacher appreciation week!! We are encouraging kids to wear their teacher’s favorite color in some way. I’m sure teachers will enjoy seeing the personality of their kids in free dress in general too!

Here’s what colors each class is encouraged to wear:

Broda – purple
Qualls – orange
Bleckert – green

Mr Clapp – blue or Mariners
Mr Thomas – blue or Sounders
Goode – purple

Jones – red
Leingang – green
Craig – blue or Sounders
Reder – purple

Garrett – orange
Morris – red
Stull – San Fran Giants black or orange (we will be taking a picture to send to her!)
Pernell – yellow

Thomas – blue or Mariners
Clapp – turquoise or Mariners
Halstead – UPS white or maroon
Rucks – turquoise or Mariners

Maes – Boston Red Sox navy or red
Aho – Boston Red Sox navy or red
Sharp – blue
Rice – blue or Mariners