Golden Acorn Deadline is tomorrow!

Good morning,

The deadline to submit a Golden Acorn nomination is tomorrow, May 8th.  What’s a Golden Acorn, you ask?  This is an award that is given to a PTA member that has given outstanding volunteer service and shown dedication to our children and youth.  The Washington State PTA sponsors this award, and the winner will have a monetary contribution made in their name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships for post-secondary students.

The Golden Acorn is a great way to recognize all of those hard-working volunteers that are in the school reading sight words with first graders, helping to pop popcorn for the entire school, coordinating projects that benefit all of our students, making copies for teachers, coordinating book fairs, hospitality lunches, reading programs, field day, carnivals, and more!  Please take a moment today to fill out this form:  GoldenAcornNomForm2015 and return it to your child’s teacher tomorrow, or drop it off in the office (we have an envelope for your submissions).  There are also hard-copy forms in the front office.  What would be nicer than recognizing another parent for all of their hard work and dedication for the year?

Submissions are due tomorrow, Friday, May 8th.  Return your completed form to your child’s teacher or drop it off in the office.  Our Golden Acorn award committee will make the final selection.  Questions?  Email  Thank you!!

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