Happy Dance-A-Thon Friday!

Good evening families,

Are you kiddos as tired as we are this evening?  We all had a great time at the Dance-A-Thon today!  Boy, those kids have some energy.  It was great to see them all so excited and celebrating their hard work.

We are providing just a quick update this evening; we are going to hold off on announcing the grand prize grade winners and grade-level classroom winners until our upcoming all-school assembly in just a couple of weeks.  There may or may not have been changes in the leaders….but we’ll let the excitement and anticipation build!

As a school, today we officially are at the $17,000 mark!!  We are SO EXCITED!!  We can just TASTE the victory just around the bend!  Just $3,000 more!!

We are going to leave our online donation page up through the weekend to capture those last few donations.  We’ve seen an uptick in activity just this evening alone!  Please, keep spreading the word – we may actually hit our goal of $20,000!!

We (the PTA board) are so very grateful for your trust in us and this new process, and for those of you that have done so much to help us get to get **this** close to the goal!  We hope that your kids have had fun and that they came home with some fun stories from the Dance-A-Thon today.  We’ll continue to update throughout the weekend….so keep on dancing!!