Health Screening Day – Thursday, December 13th – Note from the Nurse




                Health Screening Day is coming up on Thursday Dec. 13th. Grades K-3 and 5th grade will have their vision and their hearing tested. If your student wears glasses, please make sure that they have their glasses with them on Thursday. If your student wears hearing aids, we will not be screening them for hearing.


                Vision screening is done with the PlusOptiX machine. The purpose of a PlusOptiX vision screening device is to empower us to detect most prevalent vision disorders in children as early as possible. The earlier a vision disorder is detected the better it can be treated


                Hearing screening is done using equipment providing tonal stimuli at 1000, 2000, and 4000 hertz (Hz) at hearing level of 20 decibels (dB).  Students who do not pass the hearing test are re-screened at a later date.  Parents are notified by mail if their child does not pass the second screening.


                Evaluation by an eye care or hearing specialist is recommended for students who do not pass their vision or hearing screenings.  If you have any questions regarding the results of your child’s screening, please contact Michelle, the nurse at Crescent Heights Elementary: (253) 571-5541.




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