Dearest Huskies,

First, a HUGE thank you to everyone for working so hard to get our school this far on our efforts to raise money for this year’s PTA programs.

This week is the final stretch to pull in the last needed $6,290.

After today’s school collection and our online total as of 6pm, our total income for Dance-A-Thon is $13,710.  We are 69% of the way there, and would like to encourage those families that have not yet supported the fundraiser to do so.  We still only have about 34% of our students participating.

By meeting our goal of $20,000, we will not have to ask parents, students and staff to participate in another general fundraiser this spring.  If we are not able to pull in the remaining dollars, we will first look at evaluation of the total PTA budget, to see if there is anything we can eliminate.  The next step would be to schedule a spring fund raiser.

Please know that every little bit counts.  Please consider sending in what you can, dollars or cents to support our school.  We will be collecting donations again on Thursday morning, or you can donate right now at

Our leaders as of this evening:
Top K-1 Student:  Tatum Halstead from Mrs. Rice’s class, with $590 in donations!
Top 2-3 Student:  Rowen Miles from Mrs. Pernell’s class, with $530 in donations!
Top 4-5 Student:  Ariana Blackford from Mr. Thomas’ class, with $420 in donations!

Top K-1 Class:  It’s a tight race between Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Aho, but Mrs. Rice is in the lead with $885!  Mrs. Aho is right behind her with $870.
Top 2-3 Class:  Mrs. Pernell’s class is in the lead with $960 in donations!
Top 4-5 Class:  Mr. Thomas’ class is leading with $958.

For the teacher contest, Mrs. Pernell has taken over the lead with $110, with Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Hopper right behind with $100 each!

Our safety patrol students and afternoon pick up teachers will back outside dancing for donations tomorrow and Friday at drop off and pick up.

And we hope that if you have the time on Friday to join us – we will be in the school gym dancing up a storm!!

Thank you for your support!

Selena Thompson
PTA President