Mrs. Stephani’s Message

In case you didn’t see Mrs. Stephanie’s message, she wanted us to share it on our PTA page as well:
“Amazing Husky Families,
I am so excited to get the 2018-19 school year started with our dedicated staff and families!!
As we wait for our wonderful new school year to start, it’s important for you to be aware of some reinforcements and changes we’ve made, regarding SAFETY and UNIFORMS.
Keeping over 500 people safe, while at school each day, is one of my primary goals and it’s vital that I have everyone’s support to make sure this happens. Below are important things to note and remember.
Building Visitors Should:
*ALWAYS enter ONLY through the front entry door.
*ALWAYS sign in at the office, be prepared to show picture ID and have one of the accepted badges visible.
*Badge types are:
*1) Current background check on file: sign in and take your permanent badge. (We are in the process of having pictures added to badges).
*2) No background check on file: sign in, show picture id, share your purpose for visit and destination (the office staff may photo copy your ID if you are not a regular visitor) you will then be given a temporary badge that is good for one day.
*For TOTAL safety of our Crescent Heights Community, if a visitor doesn’t have an approved badge, enters through a door other than the front door, or refuses to check in at the front office, I may ask them to leave. As a staff, we have all agreed to help remind visitors of the importance of these safety protocols. We are happy to help hold everyone accountable, so that we can ensure safety for all Huskies!
*To prevent visitors from entering the building in an unsafe manner, the courtyard gate will be locked each morning @ 9:05 and remain locked until school is out. All exterior doors, except the front entry door, will remain locked and closed during the school day.
Student Drop-off/Pick-up & Parking:
*For safety, the upper lot is ONLY for student drop-off/pick-up.
*For safety, the lower lot is ONLY for busses and day care vans.
*When dropping students off in the upper lot, you can park in a designated spot if you would like to get out of the car with your child.
*Or you can drive through the drop off lane and wait in line for your child’s turn to exit/enter the vehicle from the RIGHT side of the vehicle. ALL drivers MUST remain in their cars if they are in the drop off lane.
*Acceptable collared shirt/turtle neck/sweater/hoodies/sweatshirt colors: White, Hunter Green and Navy Blue
*Acceptable bottom/dress/pant/short colors: Navy Blue and Khaki-(this also applies for Friday Team days)
*Coats may be worn outside of the building ONLY
*Hoods may be worn outside of the building ONLY
*Uniform colors: Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Khaki and White Tops
*If a student comes to school out of uniform code, they will be given a verbal and written reminder to take home for parent signature. They may also be asked to borrow/wear an extra uniform.
*Fridays are Team Day and students are to wear uniform bottoms, but can add a Team shirt. Examples, Dance-a-Thon, Cub Scouts, Dance Team, Youth Group, Soccer Team (if you’re unsure whether a shirt is considered a “Team Shirt”, have your child ask their teacher, or bring a back-up shirt)
*The last Friday of each month is FREE DRESS day and students may wear an outfit, any color of their choice. (keep wording & pictures appropriate content for school)
A few more odds & ends:
*Ice Cream Social has been canceled and instead, teachers will open their classroom doors @ 8:30 the first day off school. Families are encouraged to tour the classroom and meet their child’s teacher. At 9:20, all visitors will be asked to leave, so that we can begin our day of learning.
*Curriculum/Back to School Night will be Thursday, September 13th-Grades 1st & 2nd will meet teachers from 6-6:30 and then meet the principal from 6:30-7 and 3rd-5th grades will meet the principal from 6-6:30 and then meet teachers from 6:30-7. (more information coming regarding this once we have a start date for school and if we haven’t started school by the 12th, this event will be rescheduled to provide ample time for teachers & families to plan accordingly).
*As soon as we know the start date of school, we will share the plan for kindergartner’s first day of school and let you know if we will be having family meetings or beginning school the same day as other grades.
*Supply fees can be sent with students on the first day of school or dropped off to teacher at our Curriculum/Back to School Night on September 13th.
*Be sure to follow us on our Crescent Heights Elementary PTA Facebook page and check voice mails/emails regularly for updates from the district regarding the status of negotiations.

Cassandra Stephani, Principal CHE

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