The PTA is excited to present what will (hopefully) be our ONLY general fundraiser for the year!  Instead of selling wrapping paper and other items, we are asking each student to ask family and friends for donations to our Dance-A-Thon.

The basics:
Donate: or bring cash in to the school every morning!
Help:  We NEED your help.  Sign up here!
Goal:  $20,000

The details:
Did you know that when we sell products from a 3rd party vendor, that we give that vendor 50-60% of every dollar that your kids raise?  It’s shocking, when you think of it in that way!  On average, the students of Crescent Heights bring in approximately $40,000 in any given school year (gross sales of “stuff”).  But – we only keep about $16,000 of that!

The PTA decided to go with an in-house fundraiser so that the efforts of our students and their families stay WITH the school.  By offering a Dance-A-Thon, we will keep a MUCH larger portion of every dollar  that we raise!  And that means no selling of “stuff”, and no commissions to vendors! We have some big goals for our kids – with big rewards in return.

Here’s how fees will work:  If you donate via personal check (or cash):  We keep 100% of your donation!
If you prefer to donate online via your child’s personal Dance-A-Thon webpage, we get to keep approximately 90% of that donation!  You can help us keep even more by opting to pay the $2.50 service charge that is assessed by the webpage service.

Here’s the breakdown of what the rewards will be at each individual goal level:

Goal 1:  You & your child create a webpage on  Your child will earn FIVE Husky Bucks!
Goal 2:  Raise any amount in pledges:  Your child receives a Crescent Heights Dance-A-Thon Tshirt!

Level 1 Prize:  Raise from $1 – $24.99:  Receive a Mini Noise Putty
Level 2 Prize:  Raise from $25 – $49.99:  Receive a Plush Emoji Keychain PLUS the Mini Noise Putty
Level 3 Prize:  Raise $50 or more:  Receive a Camo Fidget Spinner PLUS the Plush Emoji Keychain PLUS the Mini Noise Putty
Raise $200 or more, you’ll score all of the prizes above AND an invite to the Superstar Party!

More ways to win!
Raise at least $20 each week and get one raffle ticket for the weekly drawing to win an Amazon Kindle Fire!  Drawings will be held on Friday, Nov 3; Thursday, Nov 9 and Monday, November 20.
(Minimum $20 must be raised each week from Nov 1 – 2, Nov 3 – 8, and Nov 9 – 19.)

“Pick 6” Prizes:  The Top 6 individual earners can pick from six amazing packages!
Seahawks Fan Package
Rainiers Baseball Game Package
Boom Shaka Package
Pacific Science Center Package
Electric Scooter
Movie and Ice Cream Package

But there’s more!
When your child’s entire classroom works as a team, the whole class wins!
The first classroom to reach 100% registration on = Teacher wins a $25 gift card!
The Top Classroom each week that has the most total donations will receive 10 extra minutes of recess!
The Top Classrooms with the most total donations wins a popscicle party!  (Three prizes:  K-1, 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th)

When the whole school works together as a team, EVERYONE wins!
If we reach our overall school goal of $20,000, we will have a Celebration assembly, where students will be recognized for their fundraising efforts.  All students will ALSO be congratulated with a cupcake party!

Fundraiser Details: 

  • The fundraiser runs from November 1 – 17, 2017.
  • Send in your donations as you get them!  We’ll be collecting money every morning!
  • PLEASE, make sure your donations are in your pledge envelope with your child’s name and their teacher’s name on it.
  • Please send checks if at all possible (instead of cash).  We can’t be responsible for lost cash.
  • Students receive a raffle ticket each week once they raise a minimum of $20.  Raffles will be held weekly for one Amazon Kindle Fire each week.
  • We are asking EVERY child to set a goal to raise $50.00.  If we do that – we will easily hit every goal listed above.  If you’re able, please consider stretching beyond $50 per child to help to make up for those students who may fall short of their goal.

Here are a few tools to help you hit that goal:

  • Bring in checks from local friends/family EVERY MORNING!
  • Prefer to pay online?  Create your child’s personal pledge webpage on  Please, opt to pay the $2.50 fee so that we can keep MORE of your child’s donation!
  • SHARE your child’s webpage to 10 – 15 friends via email & social media!
  • Is your donor requesting a receipt?  Print one out here.

We sincerely appreciate your support and participation in this fundraiser.  Together, we can hit our goals!  If you have any questions, please contact  And we invite you to join us on November 17th, when we DANCE to celebrate all of our hard work!