PTA Year-End Survey and Letter



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Dear Crescent Heights Families,

This school year has flown by! The support of our parents and local community has been overwhelmingly positive and I wanted to share some reflections on the PTA accomplishments from the 2015/2016 school year!

  • In the fall we introduced the in house fundraiser Dance-A-Thon, which was a big change from the traditional “sell” fundraisers that our school has done in the past. Although we did not meet our minimum goal as set per the PTA fiscal year budget of $20,000 we did in fact raise 86% of our goal at $17,500. This event was a huge success and largely supported by our CHE families.
  • Introduction of APEX fun run. Due to the shortfall of our fall fundraiser, we explored other fundraising options in order to close the gap on our budget needs. In addition to the $6,500 raised by our CHE families during this fundraiser, the principles and practices of APEX fell directly in line with our school’s Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports initiative. The students were given a two-week comprehensive, self-esteem boosting, pride in ownership balanced daily lesson plan, leading up to a 45- minute fun run event.
  • Revival of the National PTA Reflections program at CHE: We were really excited to have this arts program brought back to Crescent Heights. The Reflections program allowed our kids to express themselves in a variety of formats, from art to music to literature. We had over 30 kids participate at the school level, 11 students were advanced to the Tacoma Regional level, and 3 went on to compete at the state level. We’re very proud of their achievements, and appreciate Dana Flynn’s efforts to bring this program to our students.
  • 5th grade camp!! This was a huge undertaking that started in the summer months of 2015, with the support and partnership of our new principal Sean McGeeney, our 5th Grade team Mrs. Bleckert, Mrs. Broda, Mr. Clapp and our committee chairs Shawnalea Delcampo and Lori Reed. This is the first year in over 10 years that CHE 5th graders have had the opportunity to participate in a Pacific Northwest school tradition. It was a great success and we look forward to sending CHE students for years to come.
  • Award winning increase in local unit PTA membership – this is the second year in a row that 100% of our teachers and specialist staff have been members. In addition, our general membership numbers from parents, grandparents and other family members helped us earn a silver level membership award.

I wanted to take a moment to share my appreciation and extend a special thank you to all of our PTA committee chairs: Michelle Iwaszuk, Cassi Fields, Tami Smith, Dana Flynn, Laura Maes, Tamra Sharp, Rebecca Myers, Mary Chavez, Kimberly Syverson, Morgan Meyers, Kelly Penswick, Jen Johnson, Jill Ellingson, Jody Colglazier, Shawnalea Delcampo, Lori Reed, Jenn Schmitt, Jen-Jones-Murphy and Mathew Hagadone.   You, and all of our parent volunteers and CHE staff members make a difference every day in our school, community and in the lives of all of our students. Every day, many of our parents and PTA members take time from their work, their leisure time, and their home life to volunteer their talents and energy. From the remainder of the executive board and myself, THANK YOU. To our executive board, made up of Chelsea Miles, Lori Reed and Tamra Sharp – the countless hours of your time that you continue to give to this organization and school are priceless. As a team we have made major strides this year to improve our practices and support our staff and students. I am honored to have spent this year with you ladies.

Again, my sincere thanks for another amazing year at Crescent Heights. I have enjoyed my two-year term on the PTA executive board as your President and am delighted to be handing over the PTA leadership piece to our new executive board members: Lori Reed (President), Lucas Rucks (Vice President), Kimberly Syverson (Secretary) and Cat Mercado (Treasurer)

Selena Thompson
PTA President

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