Reflections: Dance Choreography

We are thrilled to be participating once again in the national PTA arts program called
 Have you heard your child talking about “Trish the Fish” or our friend Aaron paddling a boat into Canada?  These were skits shown to our students that talked about our theme for the year:  “What Is Your Story?”  (Check out Aaron’s story about paddling to Canada here).

This is your child’s chance to express who they are as an individual through six different categories.  We’ll feature a different category each day this week.  Today’s topic is DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY.

Dance Choreography is the act of creating movement.  Your child, the choreographer, may be the performer or one of the performers, but the choreographer does not have to perform in the entry.

Consider the following styles and ensembles to portray your original choreography:
Ethnic and Folk
Hip Hop

So, if you’ve been paying for dance lessons for months or years – have your student show off their talent!  We know we have a lot of talented dancers at our school!

The most IMPORTANT part of your child’s entry is that they must be able to tie it back to the theme of “What Is Your Story?”  In their artist statement (on the entry form), they need to tell us about their work and what it means to them:
– How does their work relate to the theme?
– What is their personal connection to the theme?
– What did they use to create their work (i.e., supplies, technology, instrumentation, props, etc.)?
– What/Who was their inspiration?

The artist statement should be around 100 words.  Use all 100 words!  The more robust your artist statement, the better!

Consider the use of background song(s), props and the location to show a clear relation of the dance choreography to the theme.  An explanation of the origin of the dance and/or the significance of the choreography might be a useful addition to the artist statement when submitting a dance choreography entry that involves traditional, cultural or regional dances.  Whether an entry displays formal dance technique or a simple approach, it will be judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme, originality and creativity.

Here’s what to do to participate:

  • Review this document for the specific criteria for a Dance Choreography entry.  This document is also available on our bulletin board outside of the library.
  • Grab and fill out a Student Entry Form from the Reflections bulletin board.
  • Turn in your Literature entry and Student Entry Form to the main office by October 17th!
  • Attend our art show on November 17th.  We’ll feature all of the amazing entries by our students.  Light refreshments will be served!
  • Our students sadly don’t get a lot of opportunities to participate in the arts during their regular school day.  We encourage your family to participate in this arts program!

Questions?  Contact Lucas Rucks at


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