Reflections: Film Production

All children deserve opportunities to explore and be involved in the arts.  In support of this, the PTA’s “Reflections” program is currently underway!  This is our cornerstone arts program.  It offers your child the opportunity to earn local, state and even national recognition for original artwork they create in response to the theme “Let Your Imagination Fly”.

Over the next few days, we will talk about each of the six different categories that your child may participate in.  Today, we’ll talk about Film Production.

Film Production is the process of making a film.  The producer (your child) is not required to appear in the film, but if the student chooses to, a camera tripod may be used.  All screenwriting, directing, camera/filming and editing must be done by the student producer.  PowerPoint presentations are not permitted.

Consider the following styles to portray your original work of fiction or nonfiction:
Animation:  Demonstrates motion by sequencing still objects or using computer-generated graphics.
Narrative:  Tells a fictional story developed by the student.
Documentary:  Presents facts and information.
Experimental:  Explores movement, light and montage.
Multimedia:  Uses a combination of different contents (text, audio, still images, animation, etc).

What talent does YOUR child possess?  Do you have a budding filmmaker in the house?  What a fun way for your child to experiment and come up with a fun film!  Details and specific entry requirements are posted on the bulletin board outside of the library.

As a “sweet” incentive, each student that submits an entry will receive a Menchie’s gift card!  Remember, all entries are due in by November 13th.

Please, consider having your child participate in this program!  It has been gone from Crescent Heights for a number of years.  We have the volunteer support to have brought it back…now we just need your child’s participation!

If you have questions about the program, please contact Dana Flynn at

Thank you!