Rodent Issue Resolution

Below is a recap of the call from Mr. McGeeney that went out this afternoon:

Good Evening Crescent Heights Families,

This is Mr. McGeeney (calling) with some good news about an important safety issue.

After two months of investigation, pest control attempts and cleaning by the district’s maintenance and operations team, the mystery of the intermittent smell near our front entrance has been resolved.  Over the weekend, the maintenance and operations crew cut into the ceiling near the front entry and discovered remnants of a past rodent nest, and four live rodents in the insulation.  The crew removed and disposed of the damaged insulation, damaged drywall and the rodents.   The crew also sprayed the remaining area with a hydrogen peroxide based anti micro bacterial to kill any remaining germs, and they have already started repairing the damage and installing new metal mesh over the openings around the corrugated awning above the entryway.

I have also had an opportunity to inspect the area and it is nice and clean and ready to go as they close it up in the next couple of days.

I want to thank all of you who have raised concerns over the odor and have offered theories on causes, as the odor would come and go.  It took the district some time and some measures of cutting into the wall to finally solve the mystery.  I expect now when you come and go from our main entrance,  you will have a much more pleasant experience.

Thank you so much and have a good evening.

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