**School Carnival Planning Meeting Tonight**



At 6:00 p.m we will be holding a Carnival planning meeting.  We are in a critical mode right now – we don’t have any volunteer support for the planning phases of the carnival.  Carnival is a big job – and the Executive team simply can’t do it by ourselves.  We need a few key team members:
– Volunteer Coordinator (Filled)
– Food team (decide on what to serve, set pricing, coordinate, etc)
– Games/Prizes (figure out what games to provide, secure prizes for the games)
– Decorations team (Filled)
– Entertainment coordinator (Inflatables, vendors, pie eating contest, etc.)  The key vendors are already booked.
– Carnival coordinator to lead/assist/back up the above positions

The sustainability of our Spring Carnival is at risk if we aren’t able to get these helpers to assist.  If you are able to help out, please email crescentheightspta@gmail.com to let us know, and please join us at 6:00  PM tonight for a Carnival planning meeting.

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