School Policy Reminders

Crescent Heights Families,
Please see below for two important policy reminders.  There has been some confusion by students about dress code policy, and we need to provide some reminders about the Drop-Off and Pick-up procedures.

Uniform Policy:  

Jeans are not a part of the Crescent Heights Uniform policy.  Jeans may only be worn on uniform optional days, which are the last Friday of every month ONLY.  There may be other optional uniform days, which will be communicated by your child’s teacher and via Husky Connection.  Khaki or Navy pants are the required uniform on all other days.  Here is a copy of the Crescent Heights Uniform Policy.

Parent Drop-off and Pick-Up reminder:

The lower parking lot (the bus lot) is not to be used for student drop off or pick up.  This is our bus loading and unloading zone.  Only school buses and pre-approved daycare shuttle vehicles are permitted to drop off or pick up students in this area from 8:30 – 9:15 AM and 3:00 – 3:45 PM.

In the upper lot, parents may form a pick up line along the long curb directly adjacent to the school. No parking or waiting is permitted on the short curb at the south end of the parking lot near the flag pole.  This is a fire lane and must remain clear of vehicles at all times.  Please refer to the map below for further clarification.  Your student’s safety is of the utmost importance.  We appreciate you adhering to these guidelines so that we can quickly and efficiently work through the drop-off and pick-up line.


We thank you for your attention to these policies.  Please let the school office know if you have any questions; 253.571.5500.