Teacher Tuesday: Darla Craig

This week we are featuring our fabulous Darla Craig!  Here is more about Darla!

What is your name, and what grade/specialty do you teach?
 Darla Craig.  This year I am teaching fifth grade.  Next year, who knows?Darla

Tell us a bit about your family.  Do you have kids?  If so, what ages are they?  Do you have pets?
 Kyra is a freshman at Western Washington University.  Kian is a seventh grader at Meeker.  Currently I have one Golden Retriever, Miles, who loves to run the field.  Dori and Ella are my two very cuddly cats.  In the past I have had a prairie dog and Newfoundlands.

What are your hobbies?  What do you love to do outside of work?
 I enjoy crocheting, knitting, gardening, and baking/cooking.  This only happens when I am not a soccer match or a Boy Scout event.

How long have you been teaching, and how many years at Crescent Heights?
I have taught over three decades.  Yikes!!! I started here the first year.  It was very exciting!

What is the funniest thing a student has ever done in your class?
Too many to name.  My kids are always funny.  I have a great class!  I did ask the class this year to define special.  One student blurted out, “Me!”

If you weren’t a teacher, what else would you love to do as your career?
I came very close to going to the Culinary Institute in Portland.  Thought I could do that and teach. Silly.  I’d probably work with animals or at a garden shop.

Tell us one thing you’d love for the families of Crescent Heights to know about you.
I appreciate your support!  You are so important to the success of this school!

Thanks Darla!!


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