Teacher Tuesday Profile: Emily Geile

This week’s featured teacher is our new 4th Grade teacher, Emily Geile.  We are so happy to have her on our staff!  Here is some fun info about Emily:

What is your name, and what grade/specialty do you teach?
Emily Geile, 4th grade

Tell us a bit about your family.  Do you have kids?  If so, what ages areemilyg they?  Do you have pets?
I have 2 daughters, Kaya (13 years old) and Kali (11 years old). They both go to Jason Lee Middle School. I am married to my best friend, Brian Geile.

What are your hobbies?  What do you love to do outside of work?
I love to run marathons. My husband and I try to run one or two a year…not for speed!  I love to garden!!!

How long have you been teaching, and how many years at Crescent Heights?
I started in kindergarten at McCarver for only 1 year. Then moved to Mann where I taught for 12 years in Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade.

What is the funniest thing a student has ever done in your class?
I looped with a group (2nd to 3rd grade). We had some of the best times together! Spending two years with a group…we had so many laughs!

If you weren’t a teacher, what else would you love to do as your career?
Designer or landscaper.


Thanks for participating, Emily!

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