Volunteer help is needed

Good afternoon families,

We ended up having to cancel the Marathon today as we didn’t have anyone able to come in and help out.  Our fabulous Marathon chair, Morgan, was not able to be there today and we didn’t have any backup.  Morgan is out there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and she needs help.  We have just two weeks left, but we have no one signed up to help during this time.  Would you please consider helping?

Marathon:  The job is fun, quick and easy – just hand a rubber band to each child as they complete each lap.  Marathon runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through April 30th.  Please grab a shift here:   http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b4fada922abfa7-2018.

In addition to Marathon, we also have two more volunteer events coming up this month where we need help!

Pacific Science Center:  The PSC is coming to CHE!  The PTA is sponsoring an ALL day science fair with the Pacific Science center on Monday, April 23rd.  Each student will get to attend a special MathBlast Science Themed assembly, and each classroom will also participate in MathBlast themed Science exhibits during the school day.  We need 3 – 4 volunteers throughout the day to help with the exhibits!  Please sign up here!

Book Fair:  Mrs. Fay is holding her annual Spring Book Fair from April 23 – 27th.  This one is held during the school day, so kids are shopping on their own!  Help a child pick a book that is “just right” for them and ring them up for their purchases.  Sign up for a shift here!    http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b4fada922abfa7-spring1

The PTA has heard some feedback that it feels like we are doing fewer events and “less for kids” – we actually have done more events this year, but it is really hard to do it all on our own.   We want to continue to bring enrichment programs like the One Book Play, and the Science Fair to Crescent Heights, but we really need parent support to make these programs happen.

Thank you for your consideration.  We appreciate your help!!

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