What’s REALLY being the Treasurer all about?

Good afternoon!

The PTA board is still in need of a Treasurer for the upcoming 2016/2017 school year.  The Treasurer is one of two required positions on the PTA Executive board.  I’ve had a couple of people ask me a few questions about what all this entails, and I thought it may be helpful to share this information with all of you!  Perhaps a bit more information might pique your interest in serving!BoardMembersNeeded

Q:  Is being the Treasurer just data entry and bank runs?
A:  That’s true – there is some data entry and bank runs!  The most time consuming parts of the Treasurer job are during our fundraisers and PTA “sales”, when we have a high volume of cash and checks filtering into the school.  This would be during Dance-A-Thon, Spirit wear sales, Apex Fun Run, Yearbook Sales, Membership Drive, etc.  Bank runs are done weekly (or more frequently if necessary) to deposit the funds.

Data entry can be done on a monthly basis.  It just involves keying the withdrawls and deposits into the bookkeeping software.  If you use Quicken or some other “electronic” bank reconciliation system to balance your own checkbook – you CAN balance the PTAs books!  I PROMISE, it is SO SIMPLE!!  Organization and trustworthiness are the two biggest requirements.  You do NOT need to have a financial background!

Q:  What else is involved money-wise?
A:  You’ll also be responsible for paying the PTA’s bills and reimbursement requests.  Bill paying and reimbursements can be done bi-weekly or monthly…it’s up to you!  This just requires coordination with another Executive Committee member so that they can counter-sign the checks.

Q:  What other time commitments are there?
A:  You would be involved in all Executive Committee meetings that go on “behind the scenes”.  We envision a few planning sessions over the upcoming summer, then formal meetings about once per month.  In addition, the Exec Committee meets 1 hour prior to our general membership meetings.  You would need to be available to attend the PTA meetings, and be able to respond to email/text communication between the Executive board as necessary.

Q:  What training is required?
A:  There are a couple of really good WA State PTA regional trainings that we would arrange for you to go to.  One is specifically for Treasurers and covers the nuts and bolts of the requirements of the role.  Regional training is going to be held in Tacoma in August.  The other is a PTA & the Law course that all Executive Board members attend.  Finally, I’ll be right there with you to train  you up on our software system and to answer any questions you might have.

Q:  What happens if no one steps up to fill this role?
A:  Here’s the timing & deadlines for the Treasurer role.  If someone steps up between now and June 30 (the “deadline” for the PTA’s fiscal year), our current President, Selena Thompson can “appoint” them as our new Treasurer and we can formally vote them in at our first PTA General Membership meeting in the fall.

If someone steps up after July 1, I (as the incoming President), can “appoint” them as our new treasurer and we can formally vote them in at our first PTA General Membership meeting in the fall.

If no one steps up at all…then our PTA cannot legally function.  The incoming PTA Executive Board cannot spend any funds (as of July 1st) that carry over from this school year into the next.   We cannot aid our teachers in getting their classrooms set up for the fall via our Teacher Discretionary funding.  We will be unable to host treats at the Ice Cream Social in the fall.  We would need to shut down all PTA functions and work until we have a Treasurer in place.

Q:  How does the Executive Committee work?
My goal for the Executive Committee is for it to be set up just as it has been in the past.  There is no “hierarchy”.  The President & Vice President don’t just “make all the decisions”.  The Executive Committee truly is a team.  Collaboration and input from all of the voices is critical.  We won’t just “take” your input…we want it!  We would look to you to bring ideas, opinions, strategy, solutions…you name it!   We will work as a team to come up with ideas and strategies to present to the PTA Board of Directors and membership to continue to keep Crescent Heights the thriving community that it is.


I really hope that you will consider serving in this capacity on the board.  Being a member of the PTA Executive Committee is work.  I can’t deny that.  But what I also can’t deny is that it has made me a stronger advocate for my child, has given me a new perspective on the relationship between parents, teachers and administration, and has also allowed me to develop and deepen friendships and relationships with a wide variety of parents and staff within the school.  It is work that you will not regret.  Your kids will thank you, the staff will thank you, and you will know that you are a part of such a vibrant and critical component of your child’s experience here at CHE.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about joining the Executive Committee.  I’m excited about our new members, Luke Rucks as Vice President and Kimberly Syverson as Secretary.  They’re both excited to get started, and we’d love to have you join us!  Please feel free to reach out to me personally if I can help to alleviate any hesitancies you might have about the Treasurer role.

Thanks for reading and considering!
Lori Reed, current Treasurer & Incoming President



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