Check back in March 2022 for More Information for the Annual CHE PTA Marathon!!!

The Mini, Half and Full Marathon

Our PTA Marathon Program is intended to encourage kids to get out & move & help celebrate their accomplishment.

It’s completely voluntary, but we encourage every child to participate!

Over the course six weeks

Kindergarterners6 Miles
1st & 2nd Graders13 Miles
3rd, 4th, & 5th Graders26 Miles

Although school is currently hybrid, the annual CHE PTA Marathon – with a few modifications – still on!
• Students who walk/run/hike will track their mileage.
• Parent/Guardian complete an electronic form, turn in a note to their teacher, email, or text/call

Stephanie Modrijan at
(253) 691-5308 text

the following information:
Student’s Name

Distance (1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, etc.)
1 lap around the track = 1/4 mile

Sports that include running can count for mileage: Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball, and Soccer
(1/2 mile for each 1 of practice or game)

Sports and activities such as biking, swimming, gymnastics, ballet, etc. don’t count towards mileage.

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How to Earn a Participation Ribbon:
Students in Grades 1st – 5th: Must log at least 1 mile.
Kindergarteners: Must log at least ½ mile.

Students who complete the marathon will earn a medal!
QUESTIONS? Please contact Stephanie Modrijan at
(253) 691-5308 (text or call).

**If you were not able to particapte in our annual marathon last year (2020), it will not effect your 6th year finisher opportunity**


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