Thank you for supporting the Husky Pack… Join the CHE PTA!

Please follow the link to complete your CHE PTA membership packet: Packet View (
If you prefer a hardcopy, please email: and we can arrange for this as well. 🐾

But… why is CHE PTA membership important?

  • First and foremost, you should join the CHE PTA because we need you!  CHE PTA is working hard to develop a strong unit with an attitude of inclusiveness, collaboration and bringing in fresh new ideas. More importantly, your “Husky” will directly benefit from the work we do as a PTA.  The stronger we are all working together, the more we can do!
  • Another reason to join is to “Be in the Know”.  There is no better way to know what is happening in the school than being a part of the PTA. Not only can you hear the news first, you can have a voice in big decisions your Husky is going to be a part of. By getting involved with the CHE PTA you will be part of the solution, helping make positive changes. 
  • Don’t make assumptions about the PTA based on how your mom’s PTA was ran. Being a part of the CHE PTA, you will become acquainted with the school, teachers, and other parents, especially those who have kids the same age as yours.
  • PTA Membership does not obligate you to volunteer or attend monthly meetings.  However, your participation will always be welcome! We know your time is precious and that is why we are working hard to make the time spent on CHE PTA meaningful and concise.

When you join the PTA, you are going to make a difference in your child’s school for the better. 

2021/2022 Membership Award


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